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"Cancer Gene Markers Database!"

Tumors destroy man in a unique and appalling way, as flesh of his own flesh which has somehow been rendered proliferative, rampant, predatory, and ungovernable . . Yet, despite more than Seventy years of experimental study, they remain the least understood . . . What can be the why for these happenings?..

-Peyton Rous,in his acceptance. lecture for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine (1966).

Cancer Gene Marker Database(CGMD)

Comprises "309 Cancer Genes" and "206 Markers" with their extensive Molecular features.

Key Entities:

  • 40 different human cancers genomic and proteomic data extracted and integrated in this database.

  • we provide updated information of cancer genes and markers on every half year.

Database Provides:

  • 40 different types of human cancers information around 515 cancer genes and marker sequences.
  • Pooled data from UniProtKB, KEGG, EMBOSS, PDB, PDBsum.
  • Informative from basic to molecular features of various cancer types.
  • Computational researchers will greatly benefit by extracting the cancer genes and markers information for further analysis.


Jangampalli Adi, P. et al. CGMD: An integrated database of cancer genes and markers. Sci. Rep. 5, 12035; doi: 10.1038/srep12035 (2015).